Oak Creek Elk Feeding Station

  • At the Oak Creek Wildlife Area, observe the supplemental winter feeding of the Yakima elk herd – up to 1,200 animals, including 90 branched-antlered bulls. 

Area Attractions

More information can be found here from the Upper Valley Bulletin Board.

Chinook Pass Outfitters

  • Ride with us through the solitude and spectacular scenery of the Cascade Range. Glacier-fed streams ... alpine meadows covered with wild flowers ... unspoiled mountain lakes of the William 0. Douglas Wilderness, the Norse Peak Wilderness, and the Wenatchee National Forest

Bron Yr Aur Brewing Co.

  • Bron Yr Aur® (pronounced Bron Yar) has multiple significant meanings to the Hattens. The phrase itself means "hill of gold", which is what this brewery has become to them.

American Homestead

  • The perfect place for your rustic wedding.

Natchez Hotel